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Midnight Horse page 2

5:53:16.305 am. I feel the stretch begin. I never know why we only stretch in the direction we're going, why don't we stretch in all directions? Once we start stretching the destinations begin coming into view as I glance below my arm. I pick one and slowly guide Midnight Horse towards a rendezvous.

5:53:16.428 am. We're not going quite fast enough yet so the first target slowly slips past us into the future. We speed up a little more and I feel the stretch get longer. I glance under my arm and pick another destination.

5:53:16.489 am. The destination comes into focus. We stretch longer and the destination photon slowly approaches. We can tell we're getting close to the right speed because we are now almost as long as half the photon's length. I guide Midnight Horse closer to the photon's path.

5:53:16.523 am. We're really long now and the photon is just behind us and coming up on the left. I can barely see my hands in front of me now.

5:53:16.542 am. I feel the beginning of the transition. We're really long now, almost as long as the photon which is nearly next to us now. I keep my eyes closed from here on and let Midnight Horse make the final jump.

5:53:16.544 am. We make the jump and I feel the transition. We're now standing on the photon and speeding along at the speed of light. Midnight Horse is white now. As I slowly open my eyes I see white light everywhere. Now time has stopped and as my eyes adjust I can see far into the future and far into the past. We're so long now that we are touching both the beginning point and the end point of the photon's life at the same time.

5:53:16.544 am. Yes, time has stopped. I am connected to every point in the universe by every photon which has ever existed. I try not to look into the future, I don't really want to know yet. I look at my past, your past and everyone else's past. You can ask me anything right now and I can see the answer.

5:53:16.544 am. Wow, this is why I do this. I'm connected to every living creature on earth right now. It used to be overwhelming, but I'm good at this now so we hang out a little longer. Thank goodness Midnight Horse knows how to get back, just like the owls know how. I'm observing all now, just taking it in. Somewhere in my consciousness I soak up every little detail of the whole universe. Not a problem, my consciousness has grown to be just as long as everything else.

5:53:16.544 am. It's hard to know when to leave, since there are no clocks here and time stands still. Universal consciousness knows no bounds so it's no use in knowing when to go. Midnight Horse shudders under me, I know it's time. We step off the photon. I close my eyes and feel the sky go dark again as we slow down.

5:53:16:558 am. Our photon has slipped away into the distance and is getting shorter, as are we. The wind whips over the top of us again and I keep tucked down in the bubble.

5:53:16.703 am. I glance under by arm behind and guide Midnight Horse away from the approaching photons and a rapidly approaching owl.

5:53:17.834 am. The owl speeds past on our right, as she passes we see her stretch out, first as long as us then she gets way longer as we slow and she speeds up.

5:53:18.027 am. Getting shorter hurts for a few moments as joints push back together and bones reorganize. Not for long.

5:53:18.409 am. Islands come back into focus below. I can raise my head without getting blown off the back of Midnight Horse. Midnight Horse slowly turns and heads back towards our cliff.

5:53:20 am. Our cliff emerges in the clouds. We're surrounded by birds but we're going slow enough now that it's OK.

5:53:27 am. We touch down and feel the moist, soft earth beneath Midnight Horse's hoofs. We gallop then slow to a walking pace.

5:54 am. I open the door to Midnight Horse's stable and let him inside.

5:56 am. My coffee's still warm, but I knew that, I knew everything just a few minutes ago.

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