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Working bikes of the early 20th century.

Fireman's bike

Fireman's bike. Complete with siren, light, hose, axe, nozzel, prybar, helmet and safety belt. Can't you picture a half dozen of these racing down the street to put out a fire?

Fireman's Bike

Tool Sharpener's bike

Tool Sharpener's Bike. I'm guessing that this puppy weighs a lot. Once the sharpener arrived he moved the chain from the drive gear to the wheel and pedaled to turn the grinder. I'll bet that people who lived at the bottom of the hill had sharper knives than those who lived at the top!

Tool Sharpener's bike

Barrel Maker's Bike

The Barrel Maker's Bike. He would show up to make or repair barrels and buckets.

Salt Maker's Bike

Salt Delivery Bike.

Butter Maker's Bike

Butter Delivery Bike.

Postman's Bike

The Postman's Bike.

Wool Carder's Bike

The Wool Carder's Bike. The wool carder was mostly used in the winter to fluff up the the wool in matresses.

Painter's Bike

The Painter's Bike.

Postman's Bike

The Photographer's Bike

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